Ezrasons, Inc

Ezrasons was established by our Grandfather, Ezra E. Cattan in New York in 1954. We are manufacturers of fine fabrics and garments. In the spirit of tradition, we maintain a design library of fabrics dating back to 1920's which we use for inspiration and style. Our creative team brings new ideas, fabrics and the latest trends to market. We invest in the research and development of high tech fabrics. Our commitment is to provide reliability, quality, creativity and service to customers. Our core business is OEM for National Brands, and Private Label for specialty stores. The products range from underwear, loungewear, sleep wear, socks, to sport and dress shirts. As part of our growth strategy and customer loyalty, we are licensing national brands. In 2007 we signed the global license for "ED HARDY" loungewear, underwear, sleepwear and socks. In late 2009 we signed a license with "New Balance" for performance underwear. We also market our own brands: “Bottoms O*U*T” and Embassy Apparel. You can see our Ed Hardy and New Balance collections on the internet at www.Edhardylounge.com and www.Newbalanceunderwear.com. We offer a full range of styles that meet the taste of the athletic, traditional and contemporary consumer.

Bottoms Out

American Style with a splash of fresh reinvented fashion made of comfort plush fabrics. It's the perfect wear to cozy up in front of the fireplace, in a dorm, after a workout, or to watch the game. Bottoms Out has expanded into: Underwear, Loungewear, Outerwear, Swimwear, Crew and V T-shirts.

Do it in Bottoms Out.

Embassy Apparel

Embassy apparel, manufacturer of fine shirts, pajamas, boxers and robes represents bespoke clothing for home wear. Embassy products are distributed in the finest boutiques across the United States. In keeping with its more than 50 years of tradition, Embassy uses the highest quality fabrics, classic patterns, and full cut silhouettes made for a gentleman.

New Balance

New Balance, a brand leader of the athletic world, was formed in the early 1900s and has grown to become the leading global athletic products company. Demonstrating responsible leadership, New Balance built global brands that athletes are proud to wear, associates are proud to create, and communities are proud to host.

In 2010 New Balance and Ezrasons introduced its Performance Underwear and Post Workout Wear program shaping the outlook of underwear/base layer gear, equipping athletes to feel more prepared and capable, to perform beyond expectation and be greater than ever before. 

New Balance Performance Underwear Post Workout Wear has taken a progressive approach with innovative fabrics and features, an attractive color palette, and timeless designs.

Ed Hardy

California native Don "Ed" Hardy is known as "the Godfather of modern tattoo" for his sophistication, depth, and sense of experimentation. Hardy is globally recognized for his technical brilliance and mesmerizing imagery. Since his first tattoo, drawn in Biro at the age of 12, Hardy has gone on to become a master of his craft.

In January 2005, Christian Audigier, formerly of Von Dutch, promoted his newest clothing line "Ed Hardy." Audigier has licensed the rights to the artwork of the tattooing legend, in order to bring tattoo culture into the world of fashion. The boldly designed t-shirts, denim, underwear and accessories are inspired not only by tattoo culture, but by Audigier's fast-paced lifestyle and passion for color, as well as by the youth of America, vintage inspired fashion, Hollywood stardom and motorcycle culture.